Thoptv download for Windows, Linux, Mac and pc

Thoptv app is available for pc, laptop, computer, mac, Linux, desktop and windows users. How to download thoptv fo pc and can I play all movies and videos on my pc. yes, you can. Thoptv for pc is one of the biggest apps for live matches, live tv, live channels, web series, movies and much more.

You want to know about the thoptv app. Read this article Thoptv app. In this article, tell each and everything about thoptv app. All categories, subcategories, movies, web series and live tv, live cricket match, live IPL. You must read this article before you read this.

Different types of people have different types of OS like Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Thoptv is available for all these platforms.

Most people use Windows OS which’s great because thoptv working properly in windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10. Mac user has some limitation because mac no support DRM. What is DRM and which channel not working in mac tell below in this article

Thoptv for pc

Thoptv has lots of data like movies, web series, live tv channels, live cricket match, IPl and documentaries. you can watch almost 3000 channels and 5000+ movies and lots of other videos from all over the world.

Some apps also similar to thoptv but these apps not available for pc, mac, Linux and windows. These apps are only available for android mobiles.

thoptv for pc

Thoptv available for pc or desktop user.

  • Windows user ( Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10)
  • Linux
  • Mac ( for PCs and laptops)

thoptv for windows

thoptv app download for windows free. This app free of cost but If you want to buy this app premium then you can buy it for 30 INR for 30 days. But you enjoy free of cost and enjoy all contents.

thoptv for pc login

When you click on this link, you see two button one is windows 10/8 or the other is windows 7. You download thoptv app for windows which OS you have.

When you download and install thoptv app for pc. You see like this picture.

Thoptv Desktop app is completely FREE to use. However, it requires login for security purposes. You need to login to this app through Facebook or Twitter account. If you use mobile app no need to login but windows or pc user need to login this app through Facebook or Twitter account.

I suggest to you. You create a fake account on Twitter or Facebook and login this app.

Thoptv app available windows 10 or 8 in both .exe file or zip file. Download thoptv exe file and install.

Thoptv for mac

Thoptv download in Mac os or macintosh. This available for mac laptops, MacBook air or pc but This is not supported DRM. Thoptv for mac does not support DRM so Allium TV, Thyme TV, Alto, Jaguar, Whats Series and Movies, etc will not work.

This is a big disadvantage of mac users but doesn’t worry you watch live tv from other tv channel categories. IF You want to know all categories or subcategories please read Thoptv app article.

Note This app Download for Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini

thoptv download for linux

Thoptv app download for Linux OS. Many types of Linux OS available on the Internet but some most popular Linux OS like Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Kali/Mint/Parrot, Red hat, Centos. All these OS Thoptv app is available If you don’t have a listed OS don’t worry your download unpacked zip file. This file working in all Linux Os

thoptv for ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux open-source operating system. Thoptv is available for ubuntu OS. I personally use Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu thoptv app extension is .AppImage.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I download thoptv on pc, laptop?

yes, You download thoptv app on pc or laptop. Thoptv app available for windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and desktop pc.

Can I watch live tv on my computer?

Yes, You can. You use thoptv app for your computer.

Can I watch live IPL match on my pc?

Yes, you can. You watch live cricket, live IPL or other live program like football match, live tv and much more by using Thoptv app for pc. You download thoptv app according to your Operating System.


Thoptv app is available for all platfrom like windows, Linux, Mac. Download thoptv App for pc, laptop or Desktop computer. You enjoy free of coste and free download thoptv app.

In this article You know about thoptv for pc. You have any suggestion or query, please comment in comment box.

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